Chinese tour, autumn 2015: Yves Leveille Quintet
Organised by: Le Centre d'Échange Culturelle Chine Canada
  • 2015/10/16

    Shanghai Arts Festival

  • 2015/10/17

    Shanghai JZ Music Festival

  • 2015/10/18

    Zhujiajiao Water Village Music Festival

  • 2015/10/21

    Eastshore Jazz Live, Beijing

  • 2015/10/22

    National Center for the Performing Arts of China, Beijing

  • 2015/10/26

    Guangzhou Xinghai Music Festival

  • 2015/10/27

    Guangzhou Xinghai Music Festival

In three Colors
WInter tour 2015
  • 2015/01/31

    8 PM: SImard,Bourassa,Léveillé ``In three Colors`` Pauline-Julien's Venue, Ste-Geneviève

  • 2015/02/06

    8 PM: SImard,Bourassa,Léveillé ``In three Colors`` Culturel Corporation of Shawinigan, H. of Culture Francis-Brisson

  • 2015/02/07

    8 PM: SImard,Bourassa,Léveillé ``In three Colors`` Théâtre de la ville, Longueuil

  • 2015/04/12

    3:30 PM: SImard,Bourassa,Léveillé ``In three Colors`` Cabaret Muni-Spec, Mont Laurier ( Espace Théâtre )

  • 2015/04/23

    To 26th of April, In Bremen, Germany: The Yves Léveillé Productions will be represented at The Quebec Stand.

The Japan Project: memoire et imrovisation
Eri Yamamoto, Ikuo Takeuchi and Yves Léveillé
  • 2015/02/20

    8 PM: Alliance Française of Toronto, 24 Spadina Road

China Shanghai International Arts Festival performing Arts Fair
From the 13th to the 23rd of October 14
  • 2014/10/13

    In collaboration with Yari productions, Yves Léveillé will be there on behalf of the Yves Léveillé productions compagny.

Events in 2014
Essences des bois / Chorégraphie / En trois couleurs
  • 2014/02/26

    8PM: Lion d'or, Montreal, concert and launching of the album Essences des bois. Tikets on Tiketmaster

  • 2014/03/07

    8PM: Chapelle historique du bon pasteur, Montreal. Yves Léveillé quartet (Chorégraphie)

  • 2014/03/20

    8H30PM: Jazz en Rafale, Astral venue, Montréal. Simard, Bourassa, Léveillé en trois couleurs

  • 2014/06/27

    9h30 PM: Dièse onze ( Montreal jazz festival) Show: Chorégraphie (in quartet)

  • 2014/08/08

    5h30 PM: Jazz festival of Levis. Yves Léveillé quartet (Chorégraphie)

  • 2014/07/24

    8h00 PM: Jazz festival of Verano, Mexique. Yves Léveillé quartet (Chorégraphie)

  • 2014/08/09

    1h30PM Abbercorn, Quebec. Simard, Bourassa, Léveillé en trois couleurs

  • 2014/10/28

    8hPM : Essences des bois (septuor), House of culture Notre-Dame de Grâce, Montréal, PQ

  • 2014/10/29

    9hPM, Jazz festival of Quebec, Séminaire de Québec, salle des promotions

  • 2014/11/05

    8PM: House of Culture Frontenac, Montreal. Septet Yves Léveillé (Essences des bois)

  • 2014/11/07

    8PM: House of Culture Mercier, Montreal. Septet Yves Léveillé (Essences des bois)

  • 2014/11/12

    8PM: House of Culture Côte des neiges, Montreal. Septet Yves Léveillé (Essences des bois)

  • 2014/11/14

    8PM: House of Culture Villeray, Montreal. Septet Yves Léveillé (Essences des bois)

  • 2014/10/28

    8PM: House of Culture Notre-Dame de Grâce, Montreal. Septet Yves Léveillé (Essences des bois)

  • 2014/11/16

    3PM: Centre culturel de Beloeil PQ, Simard, Bourassa, Léveillé, en trois couleurs

  • 2014/11/21

    8hPM:House of Culture Ahuntsic, Montreal, PQ . Simard, Bourassa, Léveillé en trois couleurs

Past events 2013 / Recording of a new album
Septet project
  • 2013/09/29

    Piccolo studio, Montreal, the 29th and 30th of September...Recording of new originals of Yves Léveillé with a special featuring of woodwinds + a rhythm section

Bremen, Germany
  • 2014/04/22

    Les PYLwill be at this intenational jazz meeting from 22nd to 28th of April 14

Yves Léveillé trio
with Marcin Garbulinski and Alain Bourgeios
  • 2013/07/25

    9h30/ Jazz club dièse onze, 4115 St-Denis street, Montreal. Tel 514-223-3543: